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Tu Zuochao Exhibition Illustrations in Chronical Order, Part 10 涂作潮陈列室中英文解说,按时间顺序 第十部分
This is when looking outside from 20 M in cave. XIE Rongmin recalled TU 67 years later:“In high spirit. Hunan accent.Good at speech. He wrote & drew. His topics included Russian Revolution, Worker-peasant union, Lenin’s thought & world imperialism, etc. He chatted with people around & played with child- ren when not busy. There were books on his table. Some seemed to be foreign. I talked about work in his room. 0019320300005 谢应员(右)67年后想起很多往事:“那时我家很苦.他们省点米给我母亲.有时还叫我们一起吃饭.我哥16岁参加红军后,地里的活计母亲一个人做.老涂安排他的人帮我家春耕.母亲很感动,可又拿不出什么好东西感谢,摘点时鲜蔬菜送去.他们硬不肯白收.尤其是老涂反复向我母亲说,钱一定要给,不然就违反纪律了.你是红属,红军家庭更是一家人.想到老涂他们,我很感动,也很怀念他们。” XIE Yingyuan said 67 years later: “My family was poor. They saveed their rice & give us. They asked us to eat together. My brother joined Red Army when 16. Only Mum worked in field. Old TU asked his men to help. Mum’d offer them nothing but some fresh vegetable. They particularly Old TU insisted paying: “You’re Red Army family. All poor people are of 1 family let alone we Red Army families.I miss them so much. 0019320400001 1932年春夏期间,红军无线 电专业培训班设在瑞金叶 坪乡洋溪村本地地主刘氏 部分住房内,占地98平米, 办班两期,培训30余人,主 修报务.涂作潮在此讲授过 机务知识.这是从东往西看 时的旧址。 In spring & summer 1932, Red Army Radio Training Course was in part of Landlord LIU’s home at Yangxi Village, Yeping, Ruijin for 2 sessions with some 30 trainees mainly for radio operation. The Course occupied 98 square meters.TU taught radio engineering there. This is the house when viewed from east to west. 0019320400002 0019320922002 该文见第一卷第二十六期,1932年9月22日出版。 中国共产主义青年团苏区中央局的机关报。1931年7月1日在中央苏区创刊。该报最初为半月刊,发行至1万份时改为旬刊。第二卷后改为周刊。第三卷第25期(总第89期)起改为5日刊,逢5逢10出版。主编阿伪,编委陆定一、王盛荣等。主要撰稿人多为团的负责人如顾作霖、何凯丰、张爱萍等。发刊词提出“力求文字作风的青年大众化”。创刊号发表共青团苏区中央局书记顾作霖写的《建立团报的领导作用》,全面阐述了《青年实话》的性质和任务。该报在根据地青年中影响很大,被称之为“青年工农的喉舌”。1934年9月30日红军长征开始时终刊。共出版115期。 1931年7月1日中央苏区《青年实话》半月刊创刊;发行至1万份时改为旬刊;第二卷后改为周刊;第三卷第25期起改为5日刊, 中央苏区1932年9月22日 《青年实话》五日刊第一卷 26期载作潮的文章:张云青 是无线电队的学生兼材料员, 是兼职团员,在无线电队偷公 家电油(池)六节,卖去四节,得 了一块钱,又偷剪刀三把,人 家问他作什么用,哪里来的, 他说汀州买来的,他就拿这个 剪刀去嫖老板娘.现在除把他 的党籍团籍开除外,还在那里 坐禁闭.涂作潮自传说,因为 冯文彬捆过自己,所以自己对 张云青如法炮制.两次捆绑性 质不同.如此叙旧,似乎过于 严以律己。 In Youthful Truth Volume 1 Issue 26 on 09-22-1932 Tu published his inferior Zhang Yunqing stole 6 batteries & sold 4 for Yuan 1, and also stole 3 pairs of scissors. The stolen scissors swapped for sex with a lady owner.Zhang was expelled from CCP and CY and in confinement. In 1956 Tu recalled that Feng Wenbin had tied him up in 1931. So he followed suit & tied Zhang up later. The 2 events were totally different. Tu seemed to have over self criticized. 美国版: 剪刀做嫖资 中央苏区1932-9-22《青年实话》第一卷26期载作潮的文章:无线电队学生兼材料员张云青,偷电池六节,卖四节,得一块钱;又偷剪刀三把。他就拿这个剪刀去嫖老板娘。张被开除党籍团籍,坐禁闭。 Scissors as Whoring Fund Tu’s trainee Zhang Yunqing stole 6 batteries & 3 pairs of scissors. He used the scissors as a whoring fund to seduce the shop owner. Zhang was expelled from both CCP and CY and put in custody. Published in 09-22-1932 Truth by the Youth In Youthful Truth Volume 1 Issue 26 on 09-22-1932 Tu published his inferior Zhang Yunqing stole 6 batteries & sold 4 for Yuan 1, and also stole 3 pairs of scissors. The stolen scissors swapped for sex with a lady owner.Zhang was expelled from CCP and CY and in confinement. In 1956 Tu recalled that Feng Wenbin had tied him up in 1932. So he followed suit & tied Zhang up later. The 2 events were totally different. Tu seemed to have over self criticized. 0019321200001 1932年初冬,红军通讯材料厂 迁于都县桥头的石背,在朱义 智私宅内:砖木结构,约600平 米.下图是当年目击者、桥头 乡桥头村信心村小组卢元淮 (右,1909年生,红军乙级二等 残废战士)在1999年5月21 日向于都县党史办公室刘熙 鹏主任讲述:“长竹杆…高高 的天线架…一、二十人忙着.” Above.Early winter 1932 Red Army Radio Material Works moved to ZHU Yizhi’s home at Shibei, Qiaotou, Yudu County. Brick-wood house. About 600 M2. Below. Photoed on 21 May 1999 when witness LU Yuanhuai (right, born in 1909, disabled Red Army soldier) told LIU Xipeng, Yudu Party History Office Chief,how TU & his fellows worked:“…long bamboo support…high Antenna… between 10 & 20 busy people…” 0019330100001 卢元淮回忆,通讯材料厂随中央后方办事处在石背(桥头乡西1里)驻扎个 把月后即1933年1月迁往桥头乡北6里木鱼塘的谢氏祠堂。 Radio Material Works had stationed at Shibei, 500 M west of Qiaotou Township, for about 1 month. Then it moved to XIE Family Shrine at Muyutang Pond, 3 Km north of Qiaotou Township in about Jan.1933. 0019330100002 也是刘熙鹏等1999年5月21日拍摄的含木鱼塘在内的谢氏祠堂全景.据于都苏区干部蓝位基1976年5月回忆,搬迁原因是敌机轰炸。 Also photoed by LIU Xipeng, etc on 21 May 1999. Full view of both XIE Shrine and Muyutang Pond. Reason for moving was because of enemy aircraft bombardment according to LAN Weiji, a then Yudu County Base Area cardre who recalled the event in May 1976. 0019340100001 1934年1月的《中共中央、中革军委无线电通信组织示意图》表明,中华苏维埃共和国既连通共产国际,又连通下辖的多个省份:川陕根据地和四方面军,六个野战兵团及主力师,湘鄂赣-闽浙赣-湘赣-福建-江西-粤赣-闽赣-赣南省委和对应的军区.引自2009《永远的怀念-王诤同志百年诞辰纪念》 China Soviet Republic Radio or CSR Organogram in Jan 1934: Not only able to liaise with Moscow through Shanghai but also with Sichuan- Shaanxi base area, 6 corps and their main divisions, 8 CSR-made pro- vinces & relevant military areas. The then Red Capital Ruijin was center for all above. Acknowledgement Forever the Memory-Comrade Wang Zheng’s 100-Year Birthday, 2009 0019340714005 + 0019340714006 李白机务,伍云甫日记 1931年1到4月,李白是红军第一期无线电培训班的12名学员之一。涂作潮1931年3月到达后,兼任机务教员。1934年,李白任红五军团电台政委,台长周维(赣,南昌 1906-1970,1955年少将)。李白请求在涂作潮处继续学习机务。7月14日,军委三局政委伍云甫复信不准,并做日记,如上图《伍云甫同志日记》,总参通信部内部版。1939年冬,李白在上海如愿以偿。 Li Bai was 1 of 12 earliest Red Army radio trainees in 1931. Tu Zuochao was a concurrent radio engineering trainer. In 1934, Li Bai was political commissar at 5th Red Army Radio. Li Bai wanted to learn more from Tu Zuochao. On July 14, Military Commission Third Bureau political commissar Wu Yunfu disagreed and recorded this in his diary, as above, internally published by PLA Signal Corp. In winter 1939, Li Bai’s wish was finally realized in Shanghai. 0019341000100萧劲光 + 0019341000101陈毅 左,萧劲光,长沙籍(1903-1989) 1928- 1929年和涂作潮相识于列宁格勒. 34 年涂作潮目睹红七军团肖政委挨斗.1969年5月涂胜华向海军肖司令员求助,门房阻挡.右,江西军区司令员陈毅,(1901-1972)1934年10月腿伤手术,随通讯材料厂转移的X光机立即开箱启用,找出碎骨.长征后涂作潮随项英-陈毅和蔡会文-范树德部队行动. Left, Xiao Jingguang (1903-1989)met Tu in Leningrad in 1928.Tu saw Xiao trialed in open in Jiangxi in 1934. In 1969, Shenghua tried to seek Navy Commander Xiao’s help but was stopped at Xiao’s home gate. Right, Chen Yi (1901-1972) needed surgery on leg in Oct 1934. Tu’s radio factory opened package for X-ray to be on Long March. After Long March Tu was with troops also led by Chen Yi. 1019340000001 涂作潮1956年自传(右下):“周子昆(桂林,1901-1941,1925年入党,参加南昌起义,井岗山元勋,后新四军副参谋长,皖南事变牺牲)爱人(曾玉)(1934年)帮忙找了一个团员肖素英结婚,两人感情很好,最后(臭虫引发疟疾)小产死了,给我很大的悲伤.”查找肖素英十余年未果,只能用没有照片的照片来保留这段记忆。 Tu 1956 Biography (right bottom) says“wife(Zeng Yu) of Zhou Zikun (1901-1941, CPC 1925, New 4th Army deputy chief of staff) introduced Xiao Suying to marry me (in 1934). We enjoyed each other very much. She died of abortion (by malaria via bedbugs). I remain extremely sad.” 10+ years of Xiao search with no result. This photo without photo serves as a dear memory. 1019340000002 肖素英和涂作潮的媒人曾玉(前排右二)传说湖南宜章籍,但当地党史和史志办查无此人.绝境中的长征女杰曾玉在老山界产一男婴后即不得不丢弃.1940年她送孩子回湖南老家途中失踪.以上合影中的毛泽东在1931年7月5日命涂作潮任无线电大队政委;涂作潮一周后辞职,以上合影中的宋裕和接任.井岗山革命纪念馆供稿. Match maker for Xiao Suying and Tu Zuochao was Zeng Yu (2nd right, front) She was 1 of 32 Central Red Army women Long Marchers 1934- 1935 when she’d to abandon her boy baby at Laoshanjie upon delivery. She was missing when bringing her child back to Hunan hometown in 1940. Mao Zedong (7th left, front) appointed Tu as Radio Team leader on 5 July 1931. Song Yuhe (1st left, front) succeeded Tu a week later. 涂作潮-肖素英1933-1934年成婚的媒人周子昆(左上)和媒婆曾玉(前排左起第十人)夫妇。周子昆,桂林,1901-1941,1925年入党,南昌起义和井冈山元勋,新四军副参谋长,皖南事变牺牲。曾玉,籍贯传为湘宜章,井冈山元勋,长征中在老山界产一男婴,不得不丢弃;1940年送孩子回湖南家乡途中失踪。1938年曾玉等井冈山元勋延安合影中的宋裕和(前排左一)1931年7月接任涂作潮红军无线电队政委。 Zhou Zikun (left top) and wife Zeng Yu (No. 10, left front), match makers for Tu Zuochao and Xiao Suying. Zhou (1901-1941) CPC 1925, 1927 Nanchang Uprising and 1928 Jinggang Mountain veteran, New 4th Army deputy chief of staff, killed in Wannan Incident. Zeng Yu, Jinggang Mountain veteran. Gave birth to a baby boy at Laoshanjie during Long March. Had to abandon upon birth. Disappeared on her way to send their child to her Hunan hometown in 1940. 1019340000003 1934年中央红军在瑞金的电讯机构分布图.通信材料厂-洋溪和年坊.红军通信学校-坪山岗.中华苏维埃邮政总局-中石村.无线电总队-叶坪.电话总队-马荠塘.中革军委总司令部通信联络局-乌石垄.比例尺:1厘米=150米.鸣谢《永远的怀念-王诤同志百年诞辰纪念》 Red Army communications in Ruijin, Jiangxi in 1934. West:Phone Team at Maqitang. Southwest: CPC Military Commission Communication Bureau at Wushilong. South: Ruijin county seat. Far northeast: Radio School at Pingshangang.North:Radio Works at Yangxi & Nianfang. South of Yangxi- Nianfang is Yeping Village for Radio Team. East of Yeping is Zhongshicun for China Soviet Republic Post Office. 0019340609001 《伍云甫日记》的1934年部 分. 6月某日,材料厂人员出差 时被当地农会缴了枪.涂作潮 请示军委怎么办.项英主席只 反问:“军人不带枪,带什么?” 涂作潮只得派人把枪取回.农 会告状.军委决定:“涂作潮未 经许可,擅自取回手枪,通令逮 捕;工作需要,暂不执行.” 6月 9日,伍云甫到厂宣读命令后, 去国家政治保卫局销案。 6月10日,三人团成员周 恩来已经得知五次围剿的铁 桶包围正在形成。 7月,三人团决定涂作潮 人留下,技术带走; 遂于7月 29日和8月4、6、13、14、 15日分六批派汤嵩、陈月盛、 罗梓雄、陈祖任、胡灿传、 谢永信、林继银、吴胜标、 钟兆隆、赖某某、兰明发和 罗兴英12人去材料厂学习。 0019340609002 + 0019340609003 Wu Yunfu Diary published internally in 1983 records 2 tragedies for Tu. Local peasants disarmed Tu’s man on trip. Tu asked Military Chairman Xiang for what to do. Xiang only asked: “what else should a soldier carry except weapon?” Tu’d had to get the disarmed pistol back. On peasants complaint, Xiang ordered: “Tu got back the pistol without permit. Tu be arrested pending execution due to work demand.” Wu announced the order at Tu’s factory and then reported to State Political Security Buro on 9 June. On 10 June,Zhou Enlai said 5th annihilation was fatally encircling Red Army. In July Zhou decided Tu remain in Jiangxi yet his skills must be taken.On 29 July and 4,6,13, 14, 15 August, 12 apprentices in 6 groups were sent to Tu to learn radio engineering.They were Tang Sog, Chen Yue- sheng, Luo Zixiong, Chen Zuren, Hu Canchuan, Xie Yongxin, Lin Jiyin, Wu Shengbiao, Zhong Zhao- long, Lai,Lan Mingfa and Luo Xingying. Most of the 12 went on Long March. In PRC time, Luo Xingying & Zhong Zhaolong were founders of Acheng Relay Works while Hu Canchuan was deputy chief of Radar Research Institute & deputy minister of Electronic Industry. Wu Shaozu, son of Wu Yunfu,and wife Zeng Xiao- qian, daugher of Zeng San, donated a published copy of Wu Yunfu Diary herein. 以上12人大多随主力红 军长征。建国后,罗兴英和 钟兆隆是阿城继电器厂创建 人,胡灿传任国防部十院副 院长并在电子部享受副部级 待遇。 伍绍祖、曾晓前夫妇提供 《伍云甫同志日记》。 0019341009101 X光机救陈毅 江西军区总指挥兼政委 陈毅(1901-1972)1934-8 -28兴国县老营盘战役 股骨粉碎性骨折,伤腿 肿如水桶.1934-10-9周 恩来令红军卫生部长贺 诚全力救治。X光机帮 助取出多块碎骨。涂作 潮等此前修复该机。李 强从上海偷运到江西。 柳中爔可能是制作人。 X-ray Saved Chen Yi Wounded with femur comminuted fracture 08 -28-1934. Zhou Enlai ordered rescue 10-09- 1934,eve of Long March. It helped remove several bonesnaps. Tu & fellows had repaired it. Earlier, Li Qiang’d smuggled it from Shanghai. Highly likely solo maker had been Liu Zhongxi. 0019341009202 “你们是土匪啊?” 钟昭隆(1912-2000)长征 前抢学机务的12人之一. 国家计委办公厅副主任. 晚年对涂胜华说:“涂厂 长的事情,唯一记得的是 长征前夕,涂厂长疟疾, 躺在床上.X光机已经装 箱.一群人冲进来七手八 脚要开箱.他突然跳起来 ‘你们是土匪啊?!你们这 样搞,不等着用,就坏了.’” Are U Gangsters? Zhong Zhaolong, a last minute radio engineering learner,recalled “nothing about Master Tu except this I remember. He had a bad malaria on Long March eve. Several men rushed in for the X-ray. It was packed for Long March. He jumped up shouting‘Are U bandits? If unpack your way, it’s useless before it’s used.’” 1019350200202 蔡会文 Cai Huiwen (1908-1936) CCP 1926. Political commissar of 3rd Red Army 1930. South Jiangxi Commander after Long March. Together with political commissar Fan Shude,led local guerrilla war. In Feb, 1935, following a few losses, there was no need for radio engineer. Cai and Fan ordered Tu to leave Jiangxi for Hunan or Sichuan for CCP connection. They gave Tu Yuan 200, 3 gold rings & 10 silver dollars.In Apr 1936, KMT captured Cai.Cai went on fight. His throat was cut. 蔡会文,湘攸县(1908-1936)地 主家豪门逆子.1926年党,组 织农会分掉自家土地和山林. 1930年红三军政委.主力红军 长征后任赣南军区司令员,和 范树德政委率领涂作潮等赣 南游击.1935年春节,屡次作 战失利后,蔡会文-范树德发涂 作潮路费200元,3个金戒指 和10块银元,命令他去湘西、 乃至四川寻找党和军队的关 系.1936年4月被俘,拒降,抗 争,遭割喉. 1019350200303 范树德 Fan Shude (1907-1986) CCP 1925. 3rd Red Army general chief of staff 1930. Together with Commander Huang Gonglue,Politcal Commissar Cai Huiwen , 3rd Red Army Captured Zhang Huizan. Earliest logistic minister in 1931. He and Commander Cai in Feb, 1935 ordered Tu leave Jiangxi for west Hunan or Sichuan for CCP reunion. Fan was captured in Apr,35. He turned to KMT. Finally a major general. He quit and hid in Guilin in 48. Arrested in 1954. Amnesty of a war criminal in 1975. A Guilin CPPCC or senator ever since. 范树德,晚年名范哲明,河北 无极(1907-1986)农民家庭出 身.1925年党.30年红三军参 谋长(军长黄公略,政委蔡会 文)参与活捉张辉瓒.最早的 后勤部长,35年2月,范树德 政委和蔡会文司令员决定涂 作潮离队,去湘西乃至四川寻 找党和军队的关系.同年4月 被俘后效力国军,少将衔,48 年隐居桂林,54年被捕,75年 战犯特赦.桂林市政协委员。 0019341000001 1935年春节,涂作潮从江西寻钨开始了历时一年半的《一个人的长征》(中国档案报1996年9月5日),奉命去千余公里外找湘西贺龙的二方面军.未遂,经长沙到上海去找党的关系,共经6省,行5千公里余.这段多方伪装,流浪打工,睡坟地,宿工棚...以及让沮丧和压力摧残了“男人的功能”的经历让他永远刻骨铭心。 Tu began his “One Man’s Long March” (09-05-1996 China Archive Weekly) lasting 18 months from Xunwu, Jiangxi in 1935. He’d traveled 6 provinces with 5,000 Km before he found CCP connection in Shanghai. He slept at grave yard, worked as an odd helper, wandering almost as a beggar and his “man’s function was lost” due to stress and disappointment...He remembered all these sufferings all his life. 0019341000002 涂作潮一个人的长征, 34年 10月始于江西会昌-寻钨● 过赣江★,经南雄、韶关■, 经乐昌-宜章-耒阳-衡阳到 长沙♦、华容,未能进入红二 方面军活动的湘西沣县的大 堰垱◎;回长沙后,经武汉到 上海■接上关系,在杭州●打 工, 36年9月在西安★归队, 行7千公里.涂作潮回顾这 段被留下后九死一生的经历 时,都热泪盈眶。 Tu’s solo Long March from Huichang-Xunwu●Jiangxi in October, 1934, through Gan River★, Nanxiong, Shaoguan■, Lechang, Yi- zhang, Leiyang, Hengyang, Changsha♦, Huarong, Da- yandang◎, Changsha,Wu- han,Shanghai■,Hangzhou● Shanghai, finally to Xi’an★ in Sept 1936,covering some 7,000 Km. When recalling his life-death experience of being left, Tu was on tears. 0019350321001 + 0019350321002 寻乌遭遇战中,涂作潮等以为上海工运战友,东大同学,特科战友,江西苏区战友连德生负伤牺牲。未及掩埋“遗体”而匆忙撤离。刘伯坚率众经过,救活连德生。3月5日他们一起被抓获。连德生1935年3月21日被处决前后收录在《绥靖公报》中的两张照片。鸣谢:连德生孙连光荣。 0019350321003 + 0019350321004 东大中共旅莫支部书记、宁都暴动领导人刘伯坚1935年3月21日被处决前后的两张照片,载于《绥靖》公报。连德生同时牺牲。鸣谢:连德生孙连光荣。 0019350321010 + 0019350321011 刘伯坚牺牲 1935年4月1日驻赣第六 绥靖区司令部余汉谋签署 的《绥靖公报》第一期载: (3月6日)粤军一师一团 在信丰-会昌的金沙,罗坑, 石寮和鸭婆坑捕获刘伯坚, 廖昔昆,陆如龙,连德生和 王志楷.刘伯坚在11和16 日供状中既不提及他策动 宁都暴动,又不承认被迫胁 从.他们3月21日午前牺 牲在大庾县城北金莲山(现 水泥厂门口)刘伯坚受刑前 后照片. 鸣谢: 连光荣 Jiangxi Appeasement 6th Region Bulletin Volume 1 on 1 April 1935: (on 6 March) Regiment 1 Division 1 of Guang- dong Yu Hanmou Army captured Liu Bojian, Lian Desheng and other 3 in Area Xinfeng-Hui- chang. He hid his engi- neering the 1931 Ning- du Uprising, a double for Red Army strength. He repeated his willing- ness to work for CPC. The 5 were executed at Jinlianshan, Dayuxian on 21 March.Photos of pre- and post execution. Ack.: Lian Guangrong 0019350321020 + 0019350321021 连德生牺牲前后 该《绥靖公报》载:连德生3月13日供称“1925年加入共产党,1927年脱离,1931年复加入,服从党之支配,三次 反围剿前来江西,初充交通科员,现充苏维埃中央交通科长.”连德生的‘脱党期间’回避了他留学苏联和回国后在中央特科,特别是协助登瀛工作的机密.连德生拒绝承认受裹挟或强迫。烈士牺牲前后照片.鸣谢:孙 连光荣 The Bulletin reads: Lian 13-3-1935 deposition says “joined CPC in 1925. Broke away in 1927. Re-joined in 1931. Have done all CPC had asked. China Soviet liaison chief.His “broke away” period hid his study in Russia and his secret work at Teke and specially with CPC double spy Yang Dengying. Martyr Lian’s last photos. Ack.: Lian Guangrong, grandson 1019350200103 One Man’s Long March 一个人的长征 第一段:吉水县乌江,广东南雄,韶关,湖南宜章,长沙,华容,灃县,大堰垱 第二段大堰垱-长沙-武汉-上海-杭州-上海 第三段:上海-西安 1019350000911 Zhou Shaoxi,CCP lecturer for Tu Zhou (1893-197?) was a non-CCP Changsha post office carpenter.In 1935 he risked his life to help Tu go to West Hunan Red Army. Unsuccessful. He not only rebuked Tu’s brother Fusheng who asked Tu to surrender, but also “encouraged Tu to go on revolution line with great future” Ack: Zhou Shuyuan 给涂作潮上党课 的非党员周绍熙 (1893-197?)长沙邮局工 人涂作潮兄涂福生的朋 友,住长沙东乡望仙桥, 冒险掩护涂作潮投奔湘 西红军.未成. 不仅斥责 劝弟弟去自首的福生, 而且还“鼓励保生要走 革命路线,前途远大.” 鸣谢:周淑媛 周绍熙书证“1935年涂保生由广东往长沙的情况.”涂无法进入湘西红军区域,退回长沙后,周绍熙冒险资助涂去武汉.又给困在武汉的涂汇了30元.周1956-5-29这份亲笔只有本人签名盖章,没有单位证明的公章。 鸣谢:工信部档案室 Zhou wrote to verify Tu came to Changsha from Guang- dong. Failed to enter West Hunan red area. Back to Changsha. Zhou helped Tu to go to Wuhan. Zhou sent Yuan 30 to Tu in Wuhan. This 05-29-1956 testimony by Zhou had signature and personal seal, but without authority’s official stamp. 盖单位公章的周绍熙书证1956-5-29的书证不管用.1956-6-7周再次书证:还资助过流浪沪杭的涂.涂到延安后明信片(便于组织审看通信内容)通信往来.1956-6-29退休工人周绍熙所在的望新桥合作社分支部加盖了情况属实的公章。 Officially Verified Proof His 05-29-1956 testimony didn’t work. Zhou re-wrote this 06-07- 1956 proof with authority’s official stamp. Zhou and Tu talked thru post cards when Tu was in Yan’an (for easier mail check by Tu’s boss) 1019350000912-0019560529077 1019350000913-0019560529078 0019350700001 1935年7月,涂作潮落难在杭州滨湖路永昌无线电行当修理工两月,月薪30元,但老板生意不好就欠薪.而修理收音机时认识的贯桥徐福顺玻璃店老板徐维善却“很正派.”至2003年6月,贯桥的玻璃店早已无影无踪;滨湖路已是隧道工地,永昌行更无处寻觅. In July 1935 TU repaired radio at Yongchang Radio Shop for 2 months. During poor business boss delayed paying his monthly Yuan 30.But Boss XU Weishan at Xufushun Glass Shop at Guanqiao was “very decent.”In June 2003,neither shops’d be found. Binhu Road became a tunnel job site. 0019350805001 /002 1935年8月5日涂作潮流 亡沪杭时,红一、二、四方 面军会合,总司令朱德和总 政委张国焘发布了泯洮西 固战役计划,其中“(丁)电台 联络”发表于1984年1月 23日《通信兵历史资料选 编》第五缉中.此役,各路红 军用的密码或变形密码多 达20余种。 When Tu was in Shanghai- HangZhou exile,Red Armies I,II & IV met. 5 Aug 1935, Commander Zhu De and General Commissar Zhang Guotao made Mintao Xigu War Plan.It specified radio codes.In this war alone,Red Armies used over 20 secret codes and/or their modified versions. 1019350800003 涂作潮流亡沪杭时,红一、 二、四方面军汇合.1935 年8月总司令朱德和总政 委张国焘签署《夏洮战役 计划》其中“丁、通信联 络”规定各部队用的密码 多达30余种.其中周恩来 1928-1929年亲自编制的 《豪密》除其本身外,还有 加新、取字、族字、数字、 庚字、戊字、会字、癸字、 少字、争字和民字共11种 变形。 When Tu was in his exile in Shanghai & Hangzhou,Red Armies I, II and IV met. In Aug 1935Commander Zhu De and General Commissar Zhang Guotao issued Xiatao War Plan whose Part D on Radios specified use of 30+ codes including Hao Code, composed by Zhou Enali (alias Wu Hao) in 1928 & 1929. Up to 11 modified Hao codes prefixed by Jia, Qu, Zu, Shu, Wu, Geng, Hui,Gui, Shao,Zheng and Min had also been used during this war. 00193508170001 + 0019350817002 涂作潮在上海寻找党的关系时,白色恐怖最为严重.1935年7月22日到27日,上海工部局逮捕了31人,其中23人引渡给了国民党当局.他们一共袭击了19个中共据点,其中一处在威海卫路329号,离涂作潮1939年开设福声无线电公司的338号仅对马路之隔 When TU was looking for CPC con- nection in Shanghai it was a most horrible time for CPC. From 22 to 27 July 1935,Shanghai Municipal Police arrested 31 CPC suspects. Of which 23 were extradited to KMT. Of the 19 CPC locations raided, 1 place was at 329 Weihai Rd. Cross the road there’d come TU’s Fusheng Radio Co. Ltd at 338 Weihai Road in 1939. 1019350000001 上海愚园路1315弄4号路易-艾黎(新西兰人,1897-12-2:1987-12-27)故居.约1935-1936年间楼上藏匿中共密台.同住的电器工程师坎普林可能是制作人.为防止用电过多暴露目标.坎普林不经电表,直接连接外线电源.电力公司逐户查电,密台转移到希伯-秋迪家.坎普林被称是英国人,但是在英国出生-死亡-婚姻档案系统查无此人。 4 Lane 1315 Yuyuan Road, Shanghai, home of Rewi Alley, New Zealander (1897-1987) In 1935-1936 a CCP secret radio hid upstairs. Radio maker could be co-resident Camplin said to be a Briton, an electric engineer. Excessive power use might alarm. Camplin connected power supply directly without going through the meter. After power company inspection the radio was moved to Schipper-Rosenburg home. 1019350000002 + 1019350000003 艾黎(左,中)1927年来华,救济贫困,创建工合组织,帮助中国抗战与建设.坎普林(右)在艾黎住所为中共修理枪械.据说他是英国人,但英国出生-婚姻-死亡档案馆无记录.上海陈一鸣教授作钢笔画并赠电子版,还提供艾-坎和被收养中国孤儿(本展版删除)的合影。 Rewi (L + M) came to China in 1927 aiding the poor, setting up Industrial Coop for jobless, helping China’s war vs Jap & working for PRC. Camplin (R) repaired weapons for CPC underground in basement. He was said to be a Briton but UK Birth, Marriage & Death Office has no record. Prof Chen Yiming drew Rewi by pen and gave both copies herein.